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  • 100% pure cashmere hand knitting yarn | DENSE LINE
  • Especially suitable for knitted accessories that women and men can wear every day
  • Fairly produced and guaranteed full traceability


Variant "SUPERIOR"

  • 25g/~105m | 6-ply N(mm) 3 - 4 | Gauge (10x10cm): 28/38
  • With 105 meters to 25 grams, this yarn is very economical.


Our DENSE LINE stands for longevity, durability and low pilling. Independent laboratory tests for abrasion resistance show up to 45% greater durability than comparable cashmere yarns. Please note that unwashed DENSE LINE yarns are a little harder to the touch from the ball up - but the uniquely warm, soft and light properties of cashmere fibers develop with wear and wash. We recommend a hand wash before wearing for the first time.


DENSE LINE yarns only develop their full volume after washing once or twice.


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