- Finest cashmere yarns from Kyrgyzstan -

Premium Quality Direct from Kyrgyzstan

100% cashmere yarns from the Central Asian mountain range Pamir

Raw cashmere fibers from the Pamir and Tian Shan mountains compare with the finest, lightest and softest in the world. They originate from goats that live in remote high altitudes in Central Asian Kyrgyzstan, mostly unnoticed by the public. Yarns made out of these valuable fibers are multiple times warmer and lighter than clothing made out of usual wool, and convince with their unbelievably fine feel. Hence, the claim «once cashmere, forever cashmere» still holds true, not only for exclusive luxury brands, but for experienced manual knitters as well.


Kyrgyzstan and its farmers

Fair and transparent is the standard

Our 100% cashmere yarns stand for animal welfare and environmentally sustainable grazing practices as well as for a continuously controlled and transparent processing chain. For these high quality fibers, we pay the farmers in Kyrgyzstan a fair price and support them with a social fund. Each of our yarns is fully traceable - from the goat herds in the Pamir and Tian Shan mountains, to transportation and processing up to the final product.

Get to know some of the farmers that provide the raw cashmere for our yarns..

About Us

Knowing who we are

We are a Swiss company that specializes in the direct and fair trade with finest cashmere fibers from Central Asian Kyrgyzstan.

Our name stands for the Central Asian Pamir mountains, which figure among the world’s highest and where the climate is rough and dry. To cope with the harsh and cold climate during winter, animals from the Pamirs protect themselves each winter with a very soft, warm and fine undercoat. Out of theses beautiful natural fibers , we manufacture and process fine yarns in collaboration with experienced partners in Europe.

Rajko Jazbec and Markus Brauchli

"It is the people and animals in Kyrgyzstan who stand behind these wonderful products. We want to make them aware of it."

Markus Brauchli