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How to treat your cashmere

As a very fine fiber, cashmere requires proper care to remain soft, and keep its shape. The following guidelines are easy to follow and help you to enjoy your cashmere products for a long time.

Your cashmere is washable. Best, if you wash it in the washing machine using the wool program (cold wash); for stubborn stains, we recommend adding some hair shampoo to the affected area before washing.

Ideally, you dry your cashmere by laying it on a towel to avoid that your product pulls out of shape. Steam iron your cashmere piece when it is dry, to give it a smooth look and prevent moths. To keep your cashmere’s shape and fit for several years, it is further recommended to store it horizontally rather than hanging it.


After wearing your cashmere for numerous times, at some point, it will start pilling. In fact, any fiber knit and fabric starts pilling with wear, including cotton, cashmere and wools. Pilling is unavoidable and happens when shorter fibers separate from the longer fibers in the yarn. However, this is not a quality defect. The pilling can be removed easily by means of a pilling comb. The comb removes the shorter pilled fibers without leaving traces or affecting the soft feel of your cashmere.

Eventually all the short fibers are combed out, and the pilling stops.

Especially our DENSE LINE stands for durability, resistance and low pilling. Results from independent laboratory tests for abrasion and resistance showed up to 45% higher resistance compared to similar yarns. Unwashed DENSE LINE yarns have a little rougher touch - but the uniquely warm, soft and light characteristics of cashmere fibers evolve with wearing and washing.


They develop their full volume only after one to two washings.

DENSE LINE yarns are therefore especially suitable for knitted accessories for an everyday use.

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