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peasant families

Meet some of the farmers who supply the raw wool for our yarns.

Kaschmirgarn-Bauernfamilie Kairakbaev

Farming families

Get to know some of our cashmere suppliers

Nazarabek Kairakbaev

Sary Mogul, Chong Alay, Osh (South Kyrgyzstan) - GPS Data / Google Maps

"Ever since I can remember, our family has been engaged in livestock farming.

Before, we had a nomadic life, now we settled down in Sary Mogul. My father got this farm when Kyrgyzstan became an independent country in 1991.

As his youngest son, I am responsible for the farm now and I live here together with him, my mother, my two younger sisters, my wife and our seven children.

We have always been working together, the entire family, helping each other; and I believe it is a healthy life and good for our children to grow up here. They have a lot of space and the nature is good for them.

I hope that my children and the children of my children can also make a living by keeping animals and that they will carry on with our traditions and way of life.“

Mountain Range



2850 meters

Family size



Own land / commons

0,5 ha / 52 ha

Herd size

150 Yaks, 15 Goats, 900 Sheep

Fiber Production

3 kg raw cashmere, 120 kg yak fibers

Rakiya Akymzhanova

Sopu Korgon, Alay, Osh (South Kyrgyzstan) - GPS Data / Google Maps

“Together with my husband, the wife of our youngest son and two of our grandsons, we life close from the regional center Gulcha in a remote area in the South of Kyrgyzstan.

Here we have a simple but healthy life; we can even drink the water right out of the mountain streams.

Our goats provide us with milk, fibers, meat and leather.

It is therefore in our interest that the pastures where our goats graze will be conserved.

We must use our pastures carefully that many generations after us will also be able to live from goat herding.“

Mountain Range



1640 m ü. M.


Family size



Own land / Commons

0,2 ha / 28 ha

Herd size

65 Goats

Fiber Production

13 kg raw cashmere

Myrza Asanbaev

Kara Kuzhur, Kochkor, Naryn (Northern Kyrgyzstan) - GPS Data / Google Maps

“We have owned our farm here in Kara Kuzhur only five years.

Previously, my wife, together with our five children and me used to live near Kochkor, but then, animal farming close to the regional center became too expensive.

Here in Kara Kuzhur, we can concentrate on our animals and my wife owns a small farm shop.

We want to keep our yaks and goats as close to nature as possible. We therefore only keep breeds that are native and well adapted to the harsh climate.“

Mountain Range



2760 meters

Family size


Own land  / Commons

0,4 ha / 105 ha

Herd size

400 yaks, 100 goats, 35 sheep

Fiber Production

20 kg raw cashmere, 320 kg yak fibers

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