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Sonnenuntergang über Kirgisistan

our values

What we stand for

We strive for long-term relationships with our farmers and try to guarantee the annual purchase of minimal quantities. In addition, we pay the farmers a correct and fair price and thus support them directly and long-term in their original way of life.

We actively support a livestock industry that is ecologically sustainable and guarantees species-appropriate animal husbandry. Our financial commitment seeks improvements in pasture management, access to veterinary care and animal welfare.

We want to invest where the fibers come from, both financially and in terms of personnel. In the medium term, we are aiming for complete processing and value creation locally in Kyrgyzstan.

We want to build a bridge from animals and farmers to consumers and create direct relationships. Our yarns are traceable from the animal to the end product, fairly traded, high quality, ecological and yet affordable.

We keep moving and we question existing structures. Our transparency enables our customers to see for themselves what we do and also to critically question our actions.

We strive for independent certification - according to the criteria of organic livestock farming and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) - which covers the entire processing and supply chain from the animal to the yarn and meets the highest requirements in terms of environmental and social standards.

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