about us

Pamir Fine Fibers

We are a Swiss company that specializes in the direct and fair trade with the finest cashmere fibers from Central Asian Kyrgyzstan.


Our name stands for the Central Asian Pamir mountains, which figure among the world’s highest and where the climate is rough and dry. To cope with the harsh and cold climate during winter, animals from the Pamir protect themselves each winter with a very soft, warm and fine undercoat. Out of the fibers of the undercoat, we manufacture and process fine yarns and fabric in collaboration with experienced partners in Europe.


With Pamir fine fibers, we want to offer you yarns that meet the highest quality requirements. At the same time, we want to contribute to the sustainable development of the clothing industry. We provide products that are traceable from the farmers of the Tian Shan and Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan, to the processing in Europe, and eventually the final product. We offer full transparency and we place great emphasis on a socially fair and environmentally sound production.

We pay a fair price to the farmers. We buy cashmere fibers directly from farmers, and pay at least 50% more than local market prices. In addition, 20% of our annual profit goes into in a social fund, which is managed by the farmers themselves. The fund's resources must be used for improvements in pasture management, veterinary care and the promotion of animal welfare.

Who we are

Rajko Jazbec

"Our generation has grown up with the idea of social responsibility and fair business practices.

This must be proven in our actions."


Rajko holds a degree in Environmental and Process Engineering and a Master of Science in Business Administration.

He is responsible for the marketing and sales as well as for the communication.

Markus Brauchli

"It is the people and animals of Kyrgyzstan who stand behind these wonderful products.

We want to make them aware of it."

Markus studied social sciences with a focus on development studies at the University of Geneva, St. Gallen and Zurich (ETH).

He is responsible for our activities in Kyrgyzstan and for ensuring sustainability and quality.