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Pamir Fine Fibers

We are a Swiss company that specializes in direct and fair trade with the finest cashmere from Kyrgyzstan.

Our name stands for the Central Asian high mountains Pamir, which is part of the roof of the world and where the climate is harsh and dry. This climate means that animals have to protect themselves from the cold in winter with a very soft, warm and fine undercoat. We use these natural fibers of the best quality to produce fine yarns in Europe with experienced processing partners.

With Pamir Fine Fibers we want to offer you yarns that meet the highest quality standards and at the same time make a contribution to the sustainable development of the clothing industry. From the farmers in the Tien Shan and Pamir mountains of Kyrgyzstan to the process chain in Europe to the finished product, there are no secrets for us and we attach great importance to socially fair and environmentally friendly production.

Our yarns represent species-appropriate animal husbandry and ecologically sustainable pasture management among farmers, as well as a consistently controlled and transparent processing chain. This means that each of our yarns can be fully traced - from transport to processing to the goat herds in the mountains of the Pamir and Tien Shan.

We pay the farmers a fair price for their quality. We buy our fibers directly from farmers, aiming to pay at least 50% more than local market prices. These additional financial resources allow farmers to improve pasture management and veterinary care as well as promote species-appropriate animal husbandry.

Who we are

Markus Brauchli

«It is the people and animals in Kyrgyzstan who stand behind these wonderful products. We want to make them aware and proud of their high quality fibers, and at the same make them benefit financially.»

Markus has studied social sciences with a specialization in development cooperation and worked and lived in Kyrgyzstan for several years. He is responsible for our activities in Kyrgyzstan and for ensuring sustainability and quality.

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Rajko Jazbec

«Our generation has grown up with the idea of social responsibility and fair business practices.This must be proven in our actions.»

Rajko holds a degree in Environmental and Process Engineering and a Master of Science in Business Administration. He is responsible for the marketing and sales as well as for the communication.

Fabian Baer

«We would like to show the knitting community that it is possible to produce a sustainable cashmere yarn of the finest quality. The key to this lies in our direct relationship with the farmers in Kyrgyzstan.»

Fabian has a degree in political science and many years of experience in communications. He is responsible for communications, marketing and sales.

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